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All of our services are equipped with automated DDoS protection. Keeping your server online is our priority.

Web Hosting

Fast, Secure & Reliable Web Hosting with UK & US Locations

Choose from 17 locations around the world

  • UPDated - 20th February*

● London, UK   ● Gosport, UK
● Maidenhead, UK   ● Manchester, UK  
● Nottingham, UK   ● Amsterdam, EU  
● Frankfurt, EU   ● Nuremberg, EU  
● New York, US   ● Dallas, US  
● Chicago, US   ● Atlanta, US  
● Los Angeles, US   ● Seattle, US  
● Montreal, US   ● Portland, US  
Anti-DDoS Game protection

DDOS Protection

DDoS attacks are more common than you think. We'll protect your service from a wide range of attacks,

even the most extreme. Our multi-tiered solution is carefully tuned and actively maintained to prevent attacks from affecting your hosting services, ensuring they stay online and available 24/7, just as they should.