Sponsor Ships

We get hundreds of requests each month from teams who wish to be sponsored by us. If it was financially viable, we’d love to sponsor every single one, but unfortunately this just isn’t the case.

Therefore please make sure that you at least meet these bare minimum requirements before sending us your sponsorship application:

  • Have a website.
  • Have a social media presence.
  • Have ambitions and a plan on how to fulfill your ambitions
  • Keep in mind that these are the very minimum requirements, and that just having these in no way guarantee that we’ll be interested in sponsoring you.

    In your application we’d like to see the following:
    Presentation of your team and its history
    Presentation of your management
    Presentation of your divisions
    Past achievements
    Goals and ambitions
    What are you looking to get from us?
    What do you offer us in return?

    As a general tip, not just when getting in touch with our organization, but with any organization you’re interested in getting sponsored by, make sure that you put a lot of effort into your application. Simply sending an e-mail of only a couple of sentences will elicit little to no response from a sponsor.

    The reason that we can’t sponsor a lot of teams and organizations (often the small ones) has to do with ROI(Return of Investment), and while it might sound boring and business-like it is really important. For us to function as a business we need to make a profit and have a solid customer base. Sponsorships are about giving and taking, and in return for a sponsorship from us, it’s important that the organization we choose to work with can help us expose our brand and sell our services. It’s also important that it’s an organization with good values that we want to see ourselves associated with.

    We feel we have very competitive pricing coupled with some of the best functionality out there, and thus it should be possible for most people to use our services already. If we didn’t make a profit we wouldn’t be able to sponsor anyone, nor would we be able to provide our services at all.
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